EzyStayz Social Connections

Using EzyStayz Social Connections

Social Connections allow you to see who you know in the EzyStayz community, whether you’re linked directly or through mutual friends and acquaintances. Once you’ve linked your EzyStayz profile to your Facebook account, we’ll display your connections and you can filter the search results.

To turn on your social connections and find out who you’re connected with on Ezystayz, look for the Trust and Verification link under Edit Profile and click Connect on the Facebook option. You can easily turn off your social connections later through the Privacy section of your profile.

Why Should I Connect my Profile to Facebook?

When you connect your EzyStayz profile to Facebook, your social connections will be displayed across the site and boost your chances of finding hosts or guests based on who you already know. In addition, connecting to Facebook helps us verify your account and makes it easier for you to complete your profile. Some information can be populated directly from your Facebook profile, allowing you to choose what to keep and what to delete, so there's no risk of having unwanted information on your EzyStayz profile!