Addressing the need for a next-generation, more transparent system for short and long-term vacation rentals, EzyStayz was established in 2018 as a cryptocurrency-friendly hotel and accommodation booking service with the aim to invigorate the travel industry by incorporating decentralized technology.

EzyStayz is a leading Next Generation Online Travel Agency (NOTA), offering transparent pricing backed by a “Best Price Guarantee” and featuring a large selection of places to stay, encompassing everything from hotels, apartments, villas, and hostels to 5-star luxury resorts. The Company leverages blockchain technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to create a seamless travel booking journey for its users.

It is a trusted community marketplace where people can list, discover and book unique accommodation properties, connecting people to one-of-a-kind travel experiences in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries across the globe. The Company is transforming the traditional holiday rental platforms by creating a revolutionary user-experience by offering multiple cryptocurrencies and traditional payment options and delivering increased value to all hotels, property owners, and end-customers.

EzyStayz uses a highly secure multi-signature digital wallet and has introduced ERC-20 compliant ”EZY tokens”, allowing users to interact and transact with different blockchains, the tokens can additionally be used for payments, receiving, and redeeming loyalty rewards and discounts. Through the incorporation of blockchain technology and the implementation of other latest technologies, the company is able to provide secure and transparent hospitality solutions to the users. Users are not only able to redeem offers through ”EZY tokens” but also make fast bookings and payments anywhere in the world. EzyStayz offers direct integration of cryptocurrency payments, loyalty programs, and other advantages inherent to blockchain technology, well positioning it with respect to its competitors.

The Company’s founder and the team are seasoned travel, fintech, and blockchain industry experts with a background in finance, helping the company expand its potential.

EzyStayz Mission

To bring about a next-generation peer-to-peer, innovative, online travel agency encompassing a social global marketplace powered by blockchain technology for holiday rental, ride-sharing, and hospitality exchange processes. This socio-global holiday rental and hospitality networking platform is expected to be accessible to users around the globe from one fully integrated and highly scalable blockchain-secured platform.

The Company now looks to expand its arena, and elevate the business to a larger scale. Below are the significant achievements of the platform since 2018.


Active Members


Revenue in 2020


Payment Option(Fiat, Crypto, Loyality)


Nights Booked


Fans, Followers & Community



1.5 M+

Accommodation Listings


Full-time staff


Constant innovation is key to the growth of any industry. While online travel booking was a groundbreaking idea when it was first launched, today, it has its own set of problems arising due to lack of innovation.

Market-Related problems

The Home Rental Duopoly Problem:

Currently, two companies, Airbnb and Expedia, dominate the home rental niche, both accounting for 72% of the bookings in this market. This duopoly creates a centralized system that puts many customers in a box since they will most likely be offered the same properties and services with little or no space for diversity. This results in poor holiday rental experience and low-profit margins for hosts.

Wide Cryptocurrency Userbase:

There are around 42 million Bitcoin and Ethereum users each around the globe. The rapidly growing tourism ecosystem cannot use this new form of currency to book vacation accommodation while hotels and landlords are getting passed by this tremendous opportunity of a huge revenue stream. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new form of currency and yet to be widely adopted. Therefore, not many travel companies accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Customer Problems

High Rental Fee:

Existing holiday rental platforms are highly centralized with limited marketing possibilities and high fees for both landlords and tenants. All major OTA platforms charge the guest anywhere between 5% to 20% of the booking cost. Besides that, approximately 3-5% to cover transaction fees. Some platforms also charge a guest service fee between 5% to 12% of the booking total, in all this eventually the user ends up paying a much higher fee than the actual value.

Poor Holiday Rental Experience:

Due to the presence of multiple intermediaries, a holiday accommodation booking process can become expensive, time-consuming, and very frustrating. Limited control over landlord-tenant interactions and listing features, results in less than optimal search results and travel experiences. It is also known that companies constantly plant positive reviews of their own products and sully competitors’ products with negative reviews. Many of the ratings available online are not credible.

Money and commissions:

Money changing fees and commissions charged by ATMs can be very high, and very often tourists find that local ATMs do not accept international cards. In a lot of countries, the economy is based on cash, and having to pay for tours, and hotels in cash become an issue.

Loyalty Points:

Most brands have loyalty points that can be used only within their own ecosystem. This has a market size of over $100 billion of unredeemed loyalty points.

Host / Service Provider Problems

High commissions charged:

Hotels pay around 15-20% commission on every booking on major platforms. The organizers of excursions and tours pay a commission to hotels that sell these excursions. In all cases, providers of travel services have to pay hefty fees to intermediaries.

Unable to provide Customised Solutions:

The host/service providers are not able to provide innovative and customized booking solutions to the customers when they book through service providers. Customers miss out on the special deals and loyalty programs as they are not directly connected with the providers.

Difficulty accepting payments for services:

In many parts of the world, there is still no efficient system of accepting bookings and payments by card or PayPal. Very often providers have to ask for prepayment by bank transfer or a Western Union payment, which is inconvenient for many tourists, and the providers end up losing business.


EzyStazy Solution

With the integration of blockchain into EzyStayz operations, the company will be able to offer its customers an array of peer-to-peer services not currently available in the home rental market. EzyStayz's blockchain system uses a highly secure multi-signature digital wallet capable of storing a variety of cryptocurrencies. EzyStayz users will now be able to make secure crypto payments on its platform without the need for debit cards, or bank accounts. This feature allows the company to unleash a new era of instant payments, facilitating the settlement of transactions on a global scale.

User-friendly Platform

EzyStayz already has a fully operational platform, where one can explore, host, book, and rent accommodation around the world. The Company has created its own marketplace where over 1.5 million accommodations have been listed.

EZY Token

EzyStayz native ERC20 token on Ethereum blockchain is currently listed on 2 major exchanges with popular trading pairs like BTC, USDT, and KRW. The P2P nature of the token allows it to be used as a form of payment and exchange for various services. In a country like South Korea, EZY tokens can be exchanged for KRW which is their local currency.

Flexibility to Pay with Cryptocurrency

EzyStayz will provide the option of paying with cryptocurrencies on the platform. Accepting crypto payments can cost a business up to 70% less than what they’re spending on traditional payment processing. Besides lower costs, businesses that adopt cryptocurrency payments immediately gain the ability to process cross-border transactions with no middlemen. That means having a single-currency payment system that any customer, in any country can use to purchase goods and services. Compared to legacy solutions like wire transfers and check payments, cryptocurrency offers a more frictionless process that can complete a payment in mere minutes.

Why EzyStayz?

EzyStayz is one of the industry’s first blockchain-powered Global Socio Travel and Hospitality networking portal that allows users to enjoy unique travel experiences and get rewards and bonuses that can be redeemed back from EzyStayz’s utility interface.

A snapshot of the benefits are listed below:

For Customers

  • An extensive list of locations and properties powered by a highly user-friendly and customizable webpage and mobile application.
  • Faster finalization of bookings with a 40% reduction in time.
  • Easier payments, using digital blockchain wallets.
  • Rewards and loyalty program coupled with huge discounts.
  • Pay a fair price for the service.
  • The integration of gaming with multiple appealing games within the environment.
  • Can trust reviews and content, as they are backed by smart contracts and blockchain technology.
  • Direct contact between customer and service provider, deletion of intermediary results in providing a more customized and innovative experience to the customer.

For Property Owners

  • Completely free listing.
  • Upload the property faster, safer, and easier than ever before, in just a few clicks and a much shorter wait time for approval.
  • Receive higher rental income at minimal transaction fees. It helps to save the operating costs and to improve the quality of service.
  • Leverage of using tokenized loyalty rewards.
  • Completely transparent and decentralized platform, where the property owner can decide the pricing of the property.
  • No intermediaries involved and the whole process of listing and choosing happens between the user and the property owner.


Global Tourism

The worldwide travel and tourism sector is as robust as ever, outpacing the growth of global GDP in 2018 for the eighth year in a row, according to new research from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). According to the WTTC, travel, and tourism grew at 3.9%, above global GDP growth of 3.2%, and contributed a record £6.88 trillion and 319 million jobs to the world economy.

In addition, tourism is not simply staying and enjoying the scenery, but it is widely recognized as being spread throughout the consumer industry, including accommodation, food, shopping, transportation, culture, sports, leisure, and local special industries. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTD) defines the tourism industry as the aggregate of industrial and commercial activities that produce goods and services primarily consumed by outbound visitors and domestic travelers. The tourism industry is changing the lives of millions of people through economic growth, job creation, and poverty alleviation. In 2020, the market size of the global tourism industry is £1.56 trillion and the number of businesses involved in the tourism industry is 2.9 million that generate industry employment of 27 million.

Online Travel Market Statistics

  • Online travel bookings are expected to hit £638.53 billion by 2020.
  • 700 million people will be booking their hotel rooms online by 2023.
  • Online digital travel sales in 2019 are worth a massive £590.07 billion worldwide.
  • 72% of mobile bookings happen within 48 hours of last-minute Google searches.
  • 148.3 million travel bookings are completed online every year.
  • Online travel agencies offering customers a ‘one-stop-shop’ are expected to own 41% of the online digital travel market by 2020.
  • Millennials prefer to book hotels via travel agencies but 52% browse the hotel’s website for more information.
  • 82% of all travel bookings in 2018 were made online via a mobile app or website, without human interaction.



£7.23 trillion



£73.69 billion


£1.14 billion

Hotel Industry

The inception of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s brought some major changes in the global travel and tourism industry. One of the first industries to be disrupted was the high street travel agencies, as airlines could simply reach out and sell seats through their online platforms, resulting in many retail travel agents closing down.

For hotels, the internet meant that for the first time they could also reach out to the consumer, but it was a poor user experience as the onus was on the customer to spend their time on research. The Online Travel Agent (OTA) solved this problem by providing the customer with the tools to research and select hotels according to their budget. Hotels could now reach customers through a cost-effective distribution channel.

According to the UN World Tourism Organisation, in 2018 the market has grown 6% and reached 1.4 billion travelers. This figure has been continuously increasing and has risen by another 4% over the first half of 2019.

The hotel market continues to benefit from the rise in online platforms for booking. According to a recent report, the number of people using online platforms to book hotels has shown a surge. The market is expected to grow steadily in the future by increasing its share in the overall lodging market. It is anticipated by industry experts that by 2022, about 50% of the hotel booking revenues are to be derived online with an even higher share for short term rentals.

Market Size of the Global Hotel Industry from 2014 to 2018 (in billions)

Cryptocurrency in the Hospitality Sector

What once seemed like a farfetched fantasy is now a ubiquitous reality. Even though the current industry players are putting their heads in the sand about the incorporation of blockchain and cryptocurrency in their business models, EzyStayz is all about secure payments made possible by integrating blockchain technology in the operations.

Cryptocurrencies have made it possible to send payments instantly to any part of the world at low fees, bypassing banks and government regulations. On the other hand, the irreversibility of such transactions without the receiver’s consent reduces the risk of fraud and chargebacks. This is what makes blockchain technologies a real gem for B2C eCommerce. Rising awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology within the mass market and among consumers has led to an increased demand for options from the hospitality sector.

The cryptocurrency market was valued at £669.29 Billion in the year 2018 and is projected to display a robust growth represented by a CAGR of 11.9% during 2019-2024.

Naturally, decision-makers involved in hotels, bars, and restaurants are aware of this and anticipate an increase in customers looking for alternative payment options. Many business owners have taken a swift seat at the table, allowing the use of cryptocurrency as a payment mode.

Number of Blockchain Wallet User from 3rd Quarter 2016 to 2nd Quarter 2020 (in millions)


Working Platform

EzyStayz, thus far, has a fully operational platform where users can explore, host, book, and rent accommodations around the world and share unique travel experiences. Because the EzyStayz platform is fully live and operational, the company’s main focus is to direct its efforts towards sales and marketing to further increase its user base through targeted advertising and generating global reach.

  • Global Reach - Access to 1 million+ accommodation worldwide; villas, apartments, hostels, and more.
  • User-Friendly Platform - Control your experience on the platform with blockchain-based modules.
  • Seamless Payments - EzyStayz bridges the gap between crypto and fiat, making cross border payments easy with the EzyStayz(EZY) token.
  • Low Rates - When customers pay with EZY tokens and join the members’ club, they get to enjoy a huge range of discounts.

EzyStayz Rewards

Customers can join the rewards club for up to 40% discount on hotels and instant cashback in EZY token. There will be bonus games to help you earn more EZY tokens so that the customers can use them on EzyStayz.com to book travel services. EzyStayz is also listed on top crypto exchanges for the liquidity of tokens.

EzyStayz Blockchain Solutions

With the integration of blockchain into EzyStayz operations, the company will be able to offer its customers a myriad of peer-to-peer services not currently available in the home rental market. EzyStayz's blockchain system uses a highly secure multi-signature digital wallet capable of storing a variety of cryptocurrencies. EzyStayz users will now be able to make secure crypto payments on its platform without the need for debit cards or bank accounts. This feature will allow the company to unleash a new era of instant payments, facilitating the settlement of real estate transactions on a global scale.

By far the most obvious practical application of the blockchain in EzyStays is about secure payments. EzyStayz platform accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and simply the provision of transparent, safe, global ledger, bank payments that can be streamlined and the associated costs for hotels can be reduced.

Digital Wallet

A digital wallet is necessary to own or trade cryptocurrencies. A wallet application will allow the users to interact with different blockchains and easily send and receive digital currency. EzyStayz has developed an in-house digital wallet app for supporting the EZY tokens and blockchain infrastructure.

The major benefits of using the digital blockchain wallet are listed below:

  • Users can easily make currency transfers across any border or global region without conversion, delivering a single uniform method of fast transaction settlement.
  • Personal or financial information is neither exposed nor compromised.
  • The payments are immediate and secure with 100% protection against fraud and with no ability to reverse any transactions.
  • Removes the costs associated with exchange rate risks, counterparty risks, and financial system bureaucracy.
  • Financial safety in a decentralized architecture extensively backed up.
  • Lower cost and no requirement of any trusted third-party control over the network.

EzyStayz Platform Features

From Traveler's Perspective

  • Bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat currency, making cross border payments easy with EzyStayz(EZY) tokens.
  • The P2P nature of the token allows it to be used as a form of payment and exchange for various services for travelers.
  • Access to 1 Million+ accommodation worldwide; villas, apartments, hostels, and more.
  • Filter locations by the place and the duration of accommodation to find the best fit for your vacation.
  • Enjoy fast results with the help of saved preferences and search history.
  • Make use of the user-centric, intuitive, and responsive interface of the dashboard.

From the Property Owner's Perspective

  • Cryptocurrencies have made it possible to send payments instantly to any part of the world to the property owners.
  • Upload the properties faster, safer, and easier than ever before in just a few clicks.
  • Receive higher rental income at minimal transaction fees.
  • Enjoy a short waiting period before your property is given on lease.
  • Get access to a personalized dashboard and check the inventory analytics, lease activity, identify demand trends, calculate inventory performance through your website or application.

Smart Contracts

One of the exciting applications of blockchain is “smart contracts”, which are also called self-executing contracts. Smart contracts are transaction protocols in which when the terms and conditions of the two parties are met, then the transaction is executed. This application is vital for establishing quintessential coordination between the EzyStayz platform and the hotel authorities. All the transactions made between these two parties will thereby be more secure and efficient.

Also, smart contracts can help the guests check-in into their rooms with a digital ID. Moreover, hotel cancellation, any rescheduling, etc. can be easily carried out by using smart contracts.

The benefits of EzyStayz smart contracts:

The smart contract developed by EzyStayz specifically for its platform will govern the relations between travelers and property owners. It will cover user actions such as:

  • Agreements between the hotels, property owners, and tenants.
  • Authentication and identification of smart-phones, other devices & users.
  • Virtual contract execution and verification
  • Processing secure payments


By transforming the traditional holiday rental platforms and delivering increasing value to all hotels, property owners, and their customers, EzyStayz aims to unlock unprecedented value for consumers and businesses on the platform. EzyStayz will achieve this through the principles of blockchain: fairness, accessibility, transparency, and trust while applying them to an already existing and fully developed centralized model for hospitality accommodation in mature growth markets.

Ezystayz platform will provide free access to all the basic services needed to make hotel bookings. Hotels and property owners can also choose a paid subscription model to enjoy access to premium features offered by EzyStayz. The essence of the premium features is to improve the booking experience and simplify the processes. The subscription fee is usually less than 3%, while other sources of revenue for EzyStayz can include:

Booking Commission

EzyStayz does not charge anything from the users for basic view and usage of the listing, however, when a reservation is confirmed, the guests will be charged a service fee. Listing with EzyStayz is free, but a service fee (no taxes) is charged for every confirmed booking from the host. The charges are 10% of the total value for each transaction.


Apart from booking commissions, EzyStayz does have few other revenue models which are considerably small in value however, are very scalable. These models are :

Integration Fees

EzyStayz will be charging a fee from the cryptocurrency foundations who would want to make their currency integrated as one of the payment methods within the EzyStayz platform.

Advertisement Fees

EzyStayz will offer digital marketing opportunities to strategic partners and potential prospects by providing them space to advertise within the platform. The charges would depend on the frequency and space covered by these adverts.

Exchange Fees

EzyStayz has also incorporated the EZY tokens into the system. The users will be able to store EZY tokens and use them for any transactions, like other cryptocurrencies. 1% of the transaction value will be charged as an exchange fee by EzyStayz for every exchange into or out of the EZY tokens.

Gaming Fees

EzyStayz has introduced game mechanics to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty. Each player could win EZY tokens which will allow the users to help fund their vacation partially or completely. Customers can also benefit by winning bonus EZY tokens for referring players, travelers, and hosts.

Decentralized Platform

EzyStayz is the next generation travel platform with services completely designed to leverage blockchain technology. EzyStayz aims to rebuild the value exchange system between the owner and guest by restructuring the travel booking industry using blockchain technology. The model leads to higher profit margins and lower operating costs for owners while ensuring a better and cheaper experience for the guests. EzyStayz charges a very low booking fee per transaction. The owners are not charged anything to list the property on the platform.

Booking Process

In EzyStayz's business model, the users and property owners are in complete control of their choices. For example, a property owner can decide what price he/she should quote for their property, the amenities to be added, the cancellation policies, etc. The Company plays the role of a facilitator between the guests and the hosts.

Blockchain And Smart Contracts

EzyStayz has built a completely decentralized business model, through the implementation of a set of smart contracts. These contracts will be automatically created, and will be used to manage agreements as listed below:1) EzyStayz & host → Rental listing (price, location, amenities, and profile)2) Guest & host → Accommodation (dates, rating, guest profile, and other information)The immutability of the blockchain enables EzyStayz to run a completely peer-to-peer network without the involvement of any centralized authority.

Data Security And Identity Management

EzyStayz framework can efficiently and securely capture and validate user data, and prevent any malicious modifications to the captured data. Security controls are embedded in the platform technology through the use of cryptography, which ensures the authorization of architecture components and the inability to modify the approved data. EzyStayz leverages blockchain to facilitate trustworthy data collection, verification, and management. The developed system utilizes smart contracts to record and secure immutable data trails thus, completely ensuring the data and identity security of the users.

Gaming and Rewards

The Company has an online gaming platform available on the EzyStayz website. This helps in making the EzyStayz platform more interactive through gamification. Fun-filled games such as jackpot, roulette, poker, etc. are a great way for users to win rewards in the form of EZY tokens. With the token rewards they earn from gaming, travelers can fund their travel by using it to rent accommodations on the EzyStayz platform. There is a referral system that rewards users for inviting new users to play games on the EzyStayz platform.

Unified Reviews

Nowadays online review systems(used largely by hospitality services) are highly centralized and subject to tampering and manipulation. Implementing a decentralized, trustworthy, unbiased, and transparent review system is a major necessity. So, EzyStayz presents a solution of unified reviews that utilizes blockchain technology and smart contracts to provide a secure, transparent, and trusted platform for an online review system with high integrity and resiliency.

EzyStayz Advantages

  • Empower users with a transparent and decentralized platform
  • Lower fees
  1. Low platform commission booking fees
  2. No transaction fees involved in blockchain payments
  3. No fees incurred on international transactions (transaction fee, exchange fee, etc.)
  • Trust provided by smart contracts
  • State-of-the-art security features, no one can alter the system or data
  • One-stop solution for guests and host


EZY token is the native cryptocurrency(ERC-20 token) of the EzyStayz platform. This token is the key to unlocking all the great potential benefits that blockchain can provide travelers with, including member’s benefits and staking rewards. These coins can be used for travel, staking, gaming, and more.

EZY Token Details

Since cryptocurrencies have become a new standard for digital payments, EzyStayz implements them into its business model. The platform will be fueled by the native EzyStayz tokens that the participants will use to conduct the deals. Payments in other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether will be available as well. Each user will be provided with a multi-currency crypto wallet where they will be able to store different cryptocurrencies.

The security of users’ funds will be provided by the multi-signature technology and multiple hot and cold backups. Users will benefit from direct payments in multiple cryptocurrencies and immediate payment confirmation.

EzyStayz token purchasers will not only be able to trade EZY tokens on exchanges but will also benefit from a discount on all booking fees when they pay for their vacation rental or hotel booking with the EZY token.

EZY Token Storage

EZY tokens can easily be stored with our secure multi-currency web-based wallet. Creating a new wallet is easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. The wallet comes with a variety of helpful features for security and convenience, including:

  • Multi-signature tech
  • Cold storage backup
  • Direct crypto payments
  • Instant confirmation


Customer can stake their EZY tokens to earn more. The secure staking service allows the customers to stake EZY tokens and earn a dividend. In this way, the members can gain additional rewards on top of existing membership discounts and cashback bonuses.

Usage of EzyStayz Tokens

To create a strong economy that ensures the value of EZY tokens, EzyStayz will rely on three elements: high demand, low velocity, and value-added features

Generation of constant demand

The existing website is surely one of the most important elements of EzyStayz ICO and is the fundamental driver of the EZY economy. Any booking on the website automatically generates demand for EzyStayz ICO tokens, regardless of whether it is paid for with EZY, fixed-value cryptocurrencies, or other currencies. Since travel-related bookings are generally high volume transactions, this can quickly create a solid base of utility demand.

Reduction of EZY velocity

The key element of the EZY economy is the lockup period of the EzyStayz tokens. Whenever a booking is made, the payment currency is automatically converted into EZY tokens and is stored in the booking smart contract. The EZY tokens remain there, in escrow until the customer completes the booking(e.g. checks out from a hotel). This lockup function reduces the circulating supply of the EZY tokens for the period between booking and check-out. The higher the booking rate, the more EZY tokens are escrowed in the smart contract at a given time, generating higher demand for the EZY tokens.

Value-added features

All the value-added features on the website will be paid for in EZY tokens. While users will generate constant demand for EZY tokens through bookings, hotels and property owners will also likely keep EZY reserves to pay for accessing premium features such as increased visibility or volatility protection.

EZY Benefits

EZY token gives the power to earn, book, and play for more. The usage of the EZY tokens eliminates intermediaries and allows users to deal directly with owners and complete transactions via smart contracts. EZY tokens it possible to send payments instantly to any part of the world at low fees bypassing banks and government regulations. On the other hand, the irreversibility of such transactions without the receiver’s consent reduces the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

Acquire EZY Tokens

Customers can acquire and exchange EZY tokens through travel bookings directly with EzyStayz.com or can buy, sell, and trade them directly through the ProBit (USDT and BTC pairs) exchange platform.


The online travel industry is one of the most competitive, dynamic, and fast-moving industries. There are a lot of activities of the big players to increase their market shares and strengthen their brands. Competition is fierce in this industry and scale matters. Let’s have a look at the key players.


Founded in 2017, Travala.com has grown from a small start-up to the world’s leading cryptocurrency-friendly hotel and accommodation booking service trusted by thousands of customers worldwide as their preferred online travel agency.


The Travala.com platform currently offers 2,000,000+ properties covering 90,124 destinations in 230 countries and territories, with prices up to 40% cheaper than the mainstream travel booking platforms.


Travala has one of the world’s largest selection of incredible places to stay, including everything from hotels, apartments, villas, and hostels to 5-star luxury resorts.


Travala charges commission fees which is currently an average of 10% of the booking value.


Founded in 2008, Airbnb offers a marketplace for people to rent out their homes to temporary residents.


190 countries, with 2 million listings serving 60 million guests.


Primary homes (individual homeowners and apartment renters), urban apartments(an entire place, a single room, or shared room), and accommodation in original spaces(castles, tree houses, igloos, wagons, boats)


Airbnb charges guests a booking fee from 6% to 12% and charges hosts a 3% commission.

HomeAway / VRBO

Founded in 2005, HomeAway provides a marketplace for vacation rentals including home rentals, condos, villas, beach rentals, cabins, cottages, etc.


190 countries with 1.2 million paid listings.


Vacation rentals – second homes (managed by vacation rentals property managers), whole houses.


Currently, there is no booking fee for guests and a 10% commission for vacation rental owners. Also, as the subscription service had a barrier for those who wanted to try it, HomeAway has moved from a subscription service to launching a commission-based product.

TripAdvisor Vacation Rental

TripAdvisor bought FlipKey in 2008 and in recent months, TripAdvisor has transitioned its FlipKey units vacation rentals onto a single technology platform called TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals.

Operations :

720,000 vacation rental home listings.


FlipKey offers original accommodations with beach, apartment, home, boathouse, and villa listings, except that they do not have shared room listings, only private rooms, and entire property rentals.


TAVR charges a 7% commission fee for vacation rentals managed listings and a 3% commission for individual homeowners with guests booking fee ranging from 5% to 15%.


Booking.com started as a hotel company, founded in 1996 and acquired by the Priceline Group in 2005. Since then the company has expanded into alternative accommodations, and now vacation rentals.


Currently, Booking.com is the world’s largest lodging seller in terms of number of hotels, vacation rentals, and apartments.


One-stop-shop for hotels, vacation rentals, and apartments.


No booking fee for guests, the unpublicized commission fee for vacation rental owners and hosts(Expedia predicted the commission fee would be around 15%).




  • Existing well-established platform and decentralized peer-to-peer business model.
  • The integration of blockchain technology to reduce the time for international transactions.
  • The integration of gaming and reward redemption within the platform.
  • Low service charged and transactional fee when compared to other major players.



  • Lack of acceptance of blockchain technology as a major method of transaction by many countries.
  • The integration of multiple advanced technologies might restrict the older generation and technically not so sound population from using the platform.



  • The growing acceptance of online booking platforms and blockchain technology across the globe.
  • The opportunity provided to the users to utilize their untapped blockchain investments for travel.
  • The growing demand for more decentralized business models within the travel market.
  • The Company’s strategic partnerships with major players in the hospitality industry across the globe.



  • New entrants in the online travel booking segment.
  • Change in government policies that might restrict the usage of EZY tokens,
  • The recent drop in travel and tourism bookings due to the COVID 19 pandemic.
  • The highly volatile blockchain market trends can cause a dip in the EZY token value.


“EzyStayz” will spread across the brand message of the hotel booking services on the online platform. The Company will start through its website that will drive the organization up and to the right. This will help to reach its target market effectively and create a leading brand image and recognition for them. Several online and offline channels would be used to expand its reach to a wider audience.


EzyStayz hosts a professional, and user-friendly website with an e-commerce facility to provide easy access to essential information about the company, its services, and brand vision. The website is well designed along with multiple secure payment options. The website plays a vital role in assuring information availability and attracts targeted audiences.


EzyStayz has game mechanics to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty. Every registered user will have an opportunity to earn EZY Tokens through the gaming platform. Also, the EZY token is listed on top crypto exchanges for instant liquidity.


EzyStayz will use multiple digital platforms to increase recognition, and awareness about its range of products, and services. The Company will use influencer marketing as a tool to establish a strong presence in the market. Ezystayz will partner with the influencers who can introduce the audience to the brand's service value. With the help of these influencers, Ezystayz will target to achieve exponential growth in service awareness and customer satisfaction.


The fundamental marketing force of every disruptive project is “word of mouth” marketing. EzyStayz will focus on spreading the word about EzyStayz so potential users would recommend and talk about the platform as much as possible. This is an approach that has proven itself repeatedly across all types of industries.


In today's world digital marketing has become an inseparable part of the business world. Ezystayz will use social channels to promote its website and business. The Company will also seek various travel bloggers and experts to promote the service through their social networks.


EzyStayz will use referral marketing that enables and incentivize the existing customer base to encourage their friends to come and try hotel booking service for the first time. Customers can invite their friends and when their friends register and when they first book using the EZY platform, customers will get $75 EZY credits.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become an effective marketing tool that can be used to drive more traffic to the website and reach potential business opportunities. Ezystayz will use this cost-effective marketing strategy to increase the footfall to the official website and thereby increase awareness about the platform and the services they offer.


Ezystayz will get into strategic partnerships with potential businesses that can increase the market reach. The primary focus will be on hotels, resorts, and top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges to further improve the market liquidity of EZY tokens.


EzyStayz will introduce exciting offers and rewards to attract more customers. Ezystayz will introduce schemes where premium members can redeem the rewards earned through various streams. The Company will also use discounts as a promotion strategy to target the customers and they can join the EZY Club for up to 40% discounts on hotels and instant EZY tokens.



EzyStayz has already established a large list of partnerships and seeks to grow partnerships where strategically worthwhile and where the mutual commercial benefit is present.


EzyStayz is planning to raise £400k from an equity crowdfunding campaign with Crowdcube in the UK. Even though EzyStayz has been operational for less than 2 years, financial accomplishments to date have been impressive.

EzyStayz is already generating booking revenue of over £9,485 ($12,089) in July month which is growing an average of 144% month-on-month. Going forward, EzyStayz expects revenue to increase substantially in tandem with technological improvements, global marketing strategies, and an all-around better platform that boosts booking conversion rates.

With more new booking options, increased room availability expanded booking channels, and an improved platform experience, we expect the room night booking count to significantly increase over the coming months and years.


The total investment of £500,000 is planned to be spent on marketing, Development Team, and IT Development Platform to launch operations as specified in the graph given below.